We believe that great teachers are the key to leading a healthy and active life. They're the ones who make sure we never run out of motivation and who keep us smiling through the sweat. We're passionate about legitimizing and elevating the careers of those who inspire us to lead healthier, more balanced, and more connected lives.

Meet our team

We're a small group of passionate runners, cyclists, dancers, yogis, skiers and beyond who are on a mission to cultivate healthy lifestyles that last.

Move with grit
Holly Shelton
CEO - Cofounder
Move with heart
Tricia Choi
CDO - Cofounder
Move with certainty
Jeremy Copling
Senior Engineer
Move with determination
Charlotte Winthrop
Product, Growth
Move with happiness
Christine Raschke
Head of Operations
Move with curiosity
Carlos Montes
VP, Engineering
Move with empathy
Matt Brand
Move with purpose
Oksana Moscoso
QA Engineer
Move with zest
Chief Barketing Pawficer

Meet our advisors and investors

We are honored to have the support of visionary, passionate, and humble advisors and investors who are pioneers in both fitness and technology—at the cutting edge of creating products and services that unite, empower, and ignite communities.

Move with reverence
Stephanie Snyder
Move with resilience
Nancy Richardson
Move with strive
Michael Horvath
Move with focus
Chad Richard
Move with action
Scott Belsky

Move with us

We're hiring! Join our lively, passionate, and tenacious team as we reimagine fitness and keep people moving.


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Consider this: You are able to take fitness classes from one of your favorite instructors, at a reasonable price, in a one-of-a-kind environment without any membership fees. Sounds ideal, right? Exactly.

- Caroline Earle, BostInno

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Why we're here

We're born to move. Nothing compares to the feeling of life pulsing through your veins. The feeling of finding something extra when you thought you had nothing left. The feeling of presence and connection when you really have given it your everything. Movement is fuel: for the mind, body, and soul. For the individual. For the community.

We're here because we believe in moving together. We believe that we move better when we are supported—whether that comes in the form of a guiding hand or tough love. We celebrate the people who challenge, motivate, and inspire us to run a little faster, push a little harder, dig a little deeper, and hold strong a little longer.

We're creating a company where the community is greater than any one individual. Where there is room for all types of movers. Where what matters most is that you know what fuels you from the inside out and you're not afraid to go find it. We're developing technology that empowers people to do what they do best:

Teach. Learn. Grow.