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Alexandra Joy Smith

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Alexandra Joy Smith is a Soul-Sparking Speaker, Author and Quantum Intuitive Guide. She is the Creator of the Cosmic Queen and Find Your Shine Programs and Events. She is crystal clear that she has been put on this planet to empower women to wake the f*** up and to align to who they really are... "divine beings powerful beyond measure". She partners with her connection to the divine light, utilizes her degree in Psychology and extensive training and certifications based in neuroscience, evo... View More


  • 30 years in the Fields of Health
  • Wellness and Transformational
  • Wife of one an Mother of three (guru's)
  • Degree in Psychology
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Life Coaching Certification - Authentic Education (Sydney
  • Australia)
  • Certified by AIP (Association for Integrative Psychology)
  • Trained in Enneagram System and Spiral Dynamics
  • Licensed Dr. John Demartini Values Facilitators
  • Certified in Vortex Healing® Divine Light Channeling
  • Hypnosis and MER (Mental Emotional Release) Certified

Reviews 100%

Awakened Yearning

8/27/19 Jon K.

"Thank you."

Your Secret Superpowers

8/2/19 Laura W.

"Hola- I hadn’t heard this one! Thank you my friend! 😘"

Resistance Is Not To Be Resisted

6/17/19 paul w.

"very interesting"

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