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What movers are loving about Alexa's classes

tiffany s.


Hip Fix

"Love this"

tiffany s.


Hip Fix

"Love it"

Alexis s.


Navigating Tough Emotions

"Very motivating!! Love it"

Katie W.


Find Your Inner Strength

"Loves it. Great class to really push yourself to stay focused while building strength. Def one of my favs."

Mike L.


Slow Flow Fo' Sho

"Good for a nice afternoon break"

Clarissa L.


Find Your Inner Strength

"Great level of difficulty"

Corey C.


Quick & Energizing

"Alexa. This simple exercise is amazing. Thank you so much."

Lorilee M.


Gratitude: A Powerful Force

"Spirit beauty."

Jenn C.


Anxious much?

"Absolute truth bomb! Thank you"

Mike L.


Embody your Body

"Awesome loved it"

Rebecca C.


Gratitude: A Powerful Force

"I love Alexa’s sincerity and ability to step outside the box to remind us that gratitude is a practice and that letting others know how grateful you are for something they have done or are is an act of service. As she says, this brings joy to others as well as evoking it in ourselves. Much love, sister!"

Maya H.


Half Hour of Power

"Always a good quick flow."

Taylor H.


Half Hour of Power

"The way she describes what you should be doing throughout the practise is so clear and smooth flowing. I also enjoyed her breathing reminders and also to remember our set intentions, as it easily slips your mind."

Amanda H.


What's at your Core?

"Can’t wait to move to this workout again! Great stretching and centering!"

Jeremy F.


Anxious much?

"Truth bombs and wisdom!"

Rachel M.


Half Hour of Power

"Quick and effective. Good for a reset when you don’t have a ton of time!"

jess F.


Half Hour of Power

"She was easy to follow she gave great instruction and support! I sweat and I feel great!!!"

Michaela Q.


Stop. Drop. Restore.

"The things she said, the way she explained things, there were only a few moves, it was perfect!"

Lorilee M.


Embody your Body

"Perfect allowing pace. Warm and encoraging teacher."

About Alexa

Alexa Silvaggio is an experienced yoga instructor, writer, and speaker based in LA and NYC. Practicing yoga since 2005, Alexa has led workshops and retreats across the globe and has been published by the New York Post, mindbodygreen, The Beauty Bean, and many others.

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