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Amy Dannheim

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One of South Florida's favorite teachers, Amy is the co-founder of Tropical Vinyasa, a boutique yoga studio in Miami Beach. Her popular classes serve up a great message, music and creative inspiration drawn from her personal practice and frequent travels. A wife, mom and entrepreneur, Amy is known for her down to earth approach as she leads yoga classes and retreats around the globe. Find her on instagram @miamy or at www.amydannheim.com

Reviews 83%

Quickie Full Body Flow

1/14/19 Katie M.

"It says for beginners but I don’t know the names of these poses so I couldn’t follow. I also thought the class was going too fast for yoga."

Quickie Full Body Flow

1/14/19 madeline c.

"Fantastic and perfect morning length"

Holiday Detox Flow

1/10/19 Christine R.

"Great flow and reset! Good pace. Thanks Amy!!"

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