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Amy Leydon

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Amy is the creator of RECOVER, specialized classes designed to heal your heart, mind, body, and soul.

RECOVER//heart looks at heart health from a physical, energetic, and emotional perspective. Expect flowing movement, spurts of cardio, energetic healing, and meditations on the heart.

RECOVER//mind offers deeply restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation to alleviate stress and help you get some sleep.

RECOVER//body is the perfect antidote to your more challenging workouts. Expe... View More

Reviews 100%

Drift off to Sleep

10/22/19 Sheila O.

"This was great! I went straight to sleep 🛏 😴 before I got to the end. Thank you!"

Bedtime Yoga

5/29/19 Kelly J.

"So relaxing! I could have fallen asleep on the mat!"

Bedtime Stretch & Relax

1/10/19 Catherine G.

"Great stretches! More lower back, side and hip stretches. Thank you!"

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