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What movers are loving about Amy's classes

Morgan C.


Lunch Break! Energizing Flow

"Awesome way to start my day!!!!"

Leslie P.


Calm Your Mind

"I want to thank you for this meditation. I have never focused on the pause at the end of my exhale. Doing so, I realized, there sits perfect peace. With each exhale and the focusing upon that space, more peace...and a few emotions came to the surface. Thanks again."

Ande B.


Bedtime Stretch & Relax

"Very relaxing. Loved it"

Rose B.


Twists + Hamstring Relax

"Great post work out flow!!"

MaryKatherine H.


Drift off to Sleep

"success! i drifted off to sleep. 😊"

Mila V.


Bedtime Yoga

"Great flow and music. Feel very relaxed."

Brandy S.


Bedtime Yoga

"This was my first time doing any type of yoga and I was pretty nervous when I realized it wasn't a video. But the coach was so well with explaining that I didn't need to be a yoga whiz to know what I was doing. And and also I am ready for bed."

Kate W.


Bedtime Stretch & Relax

"So relaxing. Good wind down from the day."

casie C.


Bedtime Stretch & Relax

"Amy is amazing ❤️"

Jenn C.


Morning Wake Up

"Gentle soothing flow. Perfect for the morning. Thank you!"

laura S.


Morning Wake Up

"The nicest wake up when traveling. Thank you Amy!"

casie C.


Bedtime Yoga

"This is by far my favorite lower body flow! I use it in the mornings as well"

Stephanie W.


Morning Wake Up

"Perfect light stretch for waking up and sore stretching. Much needed. Light easy touch and stretched to get the blood pumping for the day. (Also helped my knot and pulled muscle) well done Amy!"

Carron O.


Bedtime Yoga

"I need to do hip openers every day. This makes it part of bedtime so that super helpful"

Natalie R.


Morning Wake Up

"Awesome! Perfect for waking up the body before a run or workout ❤️"

Adrienne H.


Bedtime Yoga

"This is the first time that I've found something that I can just move along with while only listening and not constantly trying to look at screen to see what I should be doing or how I should be doing it. I hope I enjoy the other workouts as much as I did this one."

About Amy

Known for her intuitive sequencing, Amy Leydon has been a pioneering force in the Boston yoga scene for the past 15 years. She brings an element of meditation and philosophy into her classes, giving her students a deeper understanding of their inside worlds. She leads re... more

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