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duration 10 Min
calories 63 Calories
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Beach Assault
Full Body Strength w/ Ingrid Clay
Sending the Summer on the beach...not getting in a workout? NO MORE EXCUSES!
This is a quick 10min fat burning workout! It focuses on Cutting/Shredding/Toning the Body using SAND as resistance!
This round has no breaks we go all they way through for 10 minutes! YES YOU CAN!

Any of these 10min Assaults can be stacked with other 10min Assaults (60sec REST) in between each 10min block or they can paired with 30min Mass Building workout orMass Building 30 min Gym focused workout.


No equipment needed

At a glance

You can use weights or use the sand as resistance!

Burpee + Tuck Jump
Squat + Alt Forward Lunge
Squat+ Alt. Back Lunge
Squat Pulse + Squat Jumps
Push Up + Alt. Side Plank
Push Up + Mountain Climbers
Tricep Push-Ups
Butt Lifts (Bridge Ups)
Jack Knife


Ellie W.
So hard I was sweating 😅. I loved It but I have to admit I almost took a break. It was a little difficult to follow but that might be because my family is loud
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Oksana M.
Loved it Ingrid 💪🏼