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duration 20 Min
calories 104 Calories
reviews 93% (14)
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Arms on Fire
Arms & Abs Strength w/ Cassie Brown
All you need is your body weight & a chair (or step) to work up a serious sweat in just 15 minutes! Cassie B. lengthened the intervals & added some levels in Core & Arms Vol. 3 that are sure to get those arms, shoulders & abs burning!


No equipment needed

At a glance

3 blocks of work:
Block 1: A gentle, challenging warm-up that's focused on core strength & shoulder mobility.
Block 2: Grab your step or bench & get ready to feel the burn in your triceps & shoulders!
Block 3: Your standard B Strong Core & upper body burn-out plank series.

Block 1: 3 rounds: 45sec on/15sec rest
Block 2: 3 rounds: 10 reps each of Tricep Dips & Face Melters x 3 rounds
Block 3: 3 rounds: 45sec on/15sec rest


Erin C.
I liked the class, but the explanation for the plank series seems unnecessarily long.
caitlyn p.
I like having challenges with the plank.
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Amanda H.
That plank series is everything! I can't wait to do this workout again!