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duration 20 Min
calories 118 Calories
reviews 91% (11)
All Levels
2 Legit (& FHIIT) 2 Quit: Fire FHIIT
Full Body Strength w/ Dane Robinson
This nonstop blaze of a workout will challenge you through a series of athletic bodyweight movements at your best (and fastest tempo)!


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat

At a glance

1.) Dynamic Warm-Up

2.) Workout Series:


Gateway Squats
Fast Feet
180 Jumps
Shoulder Taps
Runners Lunge
Flutter Kicks
Glute Bridges
Ali Shuffles
Side Shuffles
Heel Taps

3.) All Star Bonus Round:
1-2 Punches
Front Kicks
Tuck Jumps


Molly W.
sweat session! loved it.
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And your body probably love you more for crushing that workout! :D