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duration 20 Min
calories 120 Calories
reviews 100% (23)
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Total Body Fix 2
Full Body Strength w/ Cassie Brown
In true B Strong fashion, Cassie warms you up with gentle mat exercises, leads you through strength and stability-building exercises, then has you finish with a HIIT burn-out that's sure to leave you feeling worked out and pumped up!


No equipment needed

At a glance

3 blocks:
4min mat warm-up
4min strength superset
4min HIIT drill finisher


Carey B.
Thanks! Good booty burn!
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Holly S.
Great class Cassie. Loved the format. Very clear instructions. When you explain the intro I’d happily go a little jog or warmup. :)
Stephanie W.
I loved the build up and the detailed explanations however, i wanted the workout to take up the full 20 and not just 12