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duration 15 Min
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Day 6 (Week 1): Let's Get Mobile
Recovery Stretch w/ Brave Body Project
This first mobility session for your 5k training plan will serve as more of an intro to learn the function and basic form cues for mobility and flexibility. We'll go through a head to toe full body stretch, focusing on move slowly and intentionally through each body part.


No equipment needed

At a glance

We'll move through each mobility exercise focusing on the breath.
-Forward Fold
-Walk Out Plank
-Hip Opener
-Downward Dog
-Childs Pose
-Supine Twist


Josephine K.
Disregard my previous note, I found week 2 :) Thanks for a great recovery stretching routine!
Josephine K.
Great stretching routine, but I can’t seem to find the week 2 routine so I repeated this one...
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Oksana M.
Just what I️ needed after my race today! Thanks Lindsey!!