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duration 15 Min
calories 14 Calories
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Day 11 (Week 2): Stretch It Out
Recovery Stretch w/ Brave Body Project
For the second week in our 5k Mobility Training, we'll go through our full mobility sequence from the previous week, applying the knowledge we've learned. Towards the end of the session, we'll finish by focusing specifically on the glutes and hamstrings by stretching our piriformis to decrease pain and increase the range of motion. We'll also work on some flexibility in the calves.


No equipment needed

At a glance

-Neck Stretch
-Back Corkscrew
-Cross-Over Hamstring Stretch
-Hip Opener
-Half Split
-Downward Dog
-Seated Forward Fold
-Piriformis Stretch
-Myofascial Release of Calves


Raul D.
Instructions at places are still unclear. Not sure if I’m doing some of the positions correctly.
Valerie M.
Full stretch
Valerie M.
Love everything but the calf massage. Your voice so calmly clearly describes move!
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andrea c.
Woah!! That last move w the opposite knee on the calf muscle was new for me. I think it will be helpful. I chuckled at the ‘good pain’ comment. Sometimes I have referred to my trainers as “Torture Specialists.” Pain is pain... but sometimes it IS good when it’s over. Thanks for a good workout!!