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duration 5 Min
calories 37 Calories
reviews 94% (17)
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6 Pack Core Challenge #3
Core Strength w/ Tara Lyn Emerson
This 6 minute non-stop core challenge will increase abdominal strength and decrease low back pain. The combo of both posterior and anterior exercises are the perfect compliment for a well-balanced 6 pack!


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat

At a glance

EMOM (Every minute On the Minute)
V Ups and Marching Bridges
1st Minute: 10 V Ups
2nd Minute: 11 V Ups
3rd Minute: 12 V Ups
4th Minute: 13 V Ups
5th Minute: 14 V Ups
6th Minute: 15 V Ups
The reminder of the minute is marching bridges


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Amanda H.
Quick and so effective! Thank you for the push to go harder. 💪
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Oksana M.
Wow that was tough! Thanks Tara
katy h.