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duration 25 Min
calories 149 Calories
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6ix Pack Attack: Core FHIIT
Core Strength w/ Dane Robinson
Variety in how we work our core is how we rock this session. Creating fun dynamic ways to condition the core for definition, strengthen the core for endurance, and stabilize the core for increased body awareness make this move one you'll look forward to come to back to again and again!


No equipment needed

At a glance

1.) Dynamic Warm-Up

2.) FHIIT Series #1

45s of work/15s of rest

Burpee w/ Plank Jack
Sit-Up w/ V-Split

3.) FHIIT Series #2
Jump Lunge with Rotations
Army Crawls
Reverse Plank

4.) FHIIT Series #3
Plank w/ Leg Kick-Thru
Leg Lifts
Straight Leg Tree Hold

5.) All Star Bonus Round:
“Pick Your Favorites for 30s”


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Carlos M.
Love your energy and positive attitude! 💪