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duration 40 Min
calories 144 Calories
reviews 94% (18)
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A Solution for Stress
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Peter Guinosso
A class designed to strengthen and soothe shoulders and neck. A gentle warm up guides the shoulders and chest open, while sun salutations warm the body. Standing poses bring activity to the legs while supporting more expansion in the upper body and release of neck tension.


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat
  • Blocks
    Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga blanket 2x
    Yoga Blanket

At a glance

Warm up with alternate nostril breathing in seated posture. Neck release, side bends, cat/cow. Classical suns with variations, chair twists and down dog with leg lifts. Standing hip opener poses round out the standing portion of class with seated twists before savasana.


Dan A.
So good for my neck pain
Julie M.
Great lesson. Hold so much in my neck and shoulders I’m suddenly getting headaches that start behind my ear and emanate around it. This taught me so many ways to release. Merci.
Holly S.
Awesome. Needed that.