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duration 25 Min
calories 146 Calories
reviews 100% (25)
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Full Body Strength w/ Naomi Rotstein
You will go through these mini circuits adding on to the main movement to really burn out legs, upper body and abs! This bodyweight workout will leave you feeling incredibly strong and ready to tackle the day!


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat

At a glance

30 seconds-2 rounds (total 4 minutes)

crunches (knees at 90)
crunches (frog position)
Bicycle crunches
hollow hold or hollow rocks
30 seconds-2 rounds (total 3 minutes)

Plie squats
plie pulses
plie jump squats
30 seconds-2 rounds (total 4 minutes)

Shoulder taps
push ups
1 arm plank hold LEFT
1 arm plank hold RIGHT
30 seconds-2 rounds (total 6 minutes)

Reverse lunge left
Reverse lunge with hop left
(then repeat on the right)


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Amanda H.
Great burn and I love your motivation!
Elizabeth W.
Grace L.
Nice morning workout