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duration 60 Min
calories 212 Calories
reviews 83% (6)
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Align With Presence
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Emily Perry
This practice is designed for those days when you just need to get more grounded and feel more present. A full spectrum practice, this class creates a great foundation for your day. Release old energy, and align with what matters most— then let it all go!


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat
  • Blocks
    Yoga Blocks

At a glance

Grounding and Welcome
Sun Salutations with Lunge Variations
Sweet Core Activation
Flow with Standing Poses
Backbending prep & Backbending
Hip opening and twists
Savasana and Dedication


Kelli L.
I had a really hard time following around 18 min.
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Thank you so much for the feedback-- Namaste!