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duration 20 Min
calories 92 Calories
reviews 100% (28)
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20 Min Rise & Shine
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Amy Dannheim
Rise and shine! Feel good wake up yoga.


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat

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Rise and shine wake up + feel good flow.


Kat V.
A lovely, low impact way to start my morning. Thanks Amy!
Christine S.
So much more fun than 7 sun salutations :D Gracias!
Daniella B.
Amazing, feeling brand new!
Tatiana S.
Great class! Easy to follow and perfect pace easy for the morning.
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Shell B.
Thank you Amy. It's Monday and I had way too much weekend. I woke up grumpy, and not ready to start my day. I started your class and part way through you reminded me that I can set the tone of my day,and that every breath is a gift. Just a few minutes later and I found myself lying on my mat with a great day of beautiful work ahead of me. (I'm an ortho/sport massage therapist) most of my clients also work in health care. So,I realized this morning that they too can benefit, from your classes. I'll be mentioning MoveWith in my post massage "take-care-of-yourself" talks today. Please be well, Shelley
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wow - thank you shelley!