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duration 10 Min
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Awakened Yearning
Courage Life Talk w/ Alexandra Joy Smith
The Awakened Yearning is one of the most powerful access points to creating a life you truly love. In this talk you will get present to how we all long to bring something forth into existence that is as individual and unique as our DNA. It is the throbbing in our bellies that when we get in touch with brings us to tears. Awakening to the yearning takes awakening to ourselves at the highest levels of who we are so it requires "doing the work". Yet once our longings and deep desires are awakened and activated they create an an energy flow like no other because you are finally feeling the truth in the most powerful way. This level of truth sets you free to be and own who you are fully!


No equipment needed

At a glance

This talk begins with a journey into explanation about what the Awakened Yearning is then you will be lead through a deep process of awakening one of your longings!


Laura W.
Love listening g yo the life talks. It’s where it all began for me
Jon K.
Thank you.
Jenn J.
Thank you. This was very powerful. Will come back again to remind myself the longing and yearning of my heart.
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Oh lovely! thank you for letting the message into your beautiful heart!