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duration 20 Min
calories 135 Calories
reviews 100% (16)
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B Strong Back & Biceps 3.0
Upper Body Strength w/ Cassie Brown
Dumbbell complexes - a circuit of exercises, all performed back to back with the same pair of dumbbells - are one of Cassie's favorite approaches to working out, because they exceed expectations of the defining qualities of B Strong workouts: efficiency & effectiveness. Use lighter DBs and move faster, or use heavier DBs and move slower. Either way, you'll be dripping in sweat by the time you finish!


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat
  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 8-15 lbs, Men: 10-20 lbs)

At a glance

3min Warm-up
12min Circuit: 4 rounds; 2 longer rounds; 2 "lightening rounds"
3min Burn-out


Tim R.
First time for this one. Loved it! will be back.
Laura B.
Those underhand rows are hard ! And I noticed I'm much weaker on the left side with the deadlifts.
eleanore m.
Bomb class, quick and efficient