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duration 20 Min
calories 121 Calories
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B Strong Mat Homework Vol. 2
Full Body Strength w/ Cassie Brown
Not to be confused with "math" homework... this timed interval workout is low impact, joint friendly, stability building & muscle burning, all done from the floor & in just 20-minutes. Each of the 4 volumes progresses you to more challenging exercises that will leave you sweatier, more exhausted & feeling even more badass than the previous volume. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's all on the floor! Like any B Strong workout, you'll have to fight fatigue long before it's over ;-)


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat

At a glance

6min ab circuit
6min booty circuit
6min arm & core circuit


Yvonne L.
Laura B.
It's deceiving bc it doesn't seem like it will be hard but it kind of is!