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duration 10 Min
calories 42 Calories
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Baby Yoga
Postnatal Yoga Class w/ Jane Austin
This is a super sweet short mama and baby (or caregiver) "yoga play" practice. Gentle stretches, playful movements and sweet songs will delight your babe. The practice is designed to connect baby and care provider in a sweet sequence that is fun and gentle. Please note that this practice is only done when your baby is awake and willing. Discontinue if you baby is crying, seems uncomfortable or not interested. Try again later. Newborn babies may be less interactive than an older baby. Babies love repetition so keep doing it and your will remember the yoga play sequence. Often babes will smile and get excited when the practice starts.


  • Yoga blanket 2x
    Yoga Blanket

At a glance

Gentle leg, hip and shoulder stretches. Full body movements. Belly massage and songs.


Val H.
Magali A.
I love this! It’s become part of our morning routine on maternity leave. I wonder if my son knows Jane’s voice since I listened to lots of prenatal yoga :)