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duration 15 Min
calories 54 Calories
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Back in the Flow
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Mary Beth LaRue
Ever have those days when you are not feeling the "flow"? Overscheduled, running late? This fifteen minute practice is to realign with a sense of fluidity and ease.


No equipment needed

At a glance

- Childs Pose
- Cat/Cow
- Plank
- Upward Facing Dog
- Low Lunge
- Side Bend
- Tree
- Forward Fold


Lindley G.
Loved this class first thing in the AM. I would love more 15 minute classes like this.
Emily R.
Love the jazz music at the beginning of this one. Great quick practice for days when you don’t really have 30 minutes but still want to move (and sweat!) a little.
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Jill M.
Loved it - the app wouldn’t let me reply to your question yesterday on requests, but I love that you offer some shorter class options in the 15 to 30m range. Really helps fit yoga into my day!
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You’ve got it!! I love the shorter classes too!