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duration 30 Min
calories 131 Calories
reviews 96% (46)
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Beautiful Balanced Flow
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Peter Walters
Join me this Beautiful Balanced Flow. This flow is a great opportunity to explore breath and movement. This is accessible for anyone who has done at lease 10 vinyasa yoga classes. Nothing fancy here -- no arm balances or serious inversions. Invigorate your body, still your mind and then get back to your life. Are you ready?


No equipment needed

At a glance

Sun salutations
Standing & balances poses
Some ab work


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Amanda H.
Great start to the day! Thanks for a great flow.
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You're welcome, Amanda! Thanks for coming along.
Katie M.
Found you on Audible. You are the best! Thank you for this gift!
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You’re welcome Katie! Thanks for giving it a try!
Amy N.
Fantastic vinyasa-energy level and pace was just right. Nice options for modifications and great coaching
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So glad you enjoyed it Amy!
Abigail R.
Excellent! Need to visit in person class soon. Might be a month or two before I can make the Fri evening one.
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Hope you can soon!