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duration 20 Min
calories 134 Calories
reviews 67% (3)
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Beginner Full Body Strength Workout
Full Body Strength w/ Brianne Boucher
There are 3 sets of 5 movements. You will work your entire body and get some stretching in with those movements. This workout is designed for a beginner and will go through how to do every move before you start.


No equipment needed

At a glance

3 rounds of
1. Incline Push-ups
2. Bodyweight Squat with Reach Up
3. In and Out Crunches
4. Goal Post Reach Ups
5. Side Lunge with a Reach

1st round is a bit longer than 15s rest inbetween due to explanation. Round 2&3 are 45s work with 15s rest.


Laura B.
Love this
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Thanks Laura! I will post some more! Thanks for the comment :)