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duration 30 Min
calories 181 Calories
reviews 100% (38)
All Levels
Bend and Twist
Core Strength w/ Alex Ho
Target those obliques, lats and rotational plane with these core exercises. A mix of ground and standing exercises will get you moving better in all three planes.


No equipment needed

At a glance

45 sec windshield wipers
45 sec Plank hip drops
45 sec Right side v-ups
45 sec Left side v-ups
1 min Side to Side Burpees
1 min Sumo Squat
45 sec Bicycles
45 sec Knee to same Elbow
45 sec Russian Twist
1 min Forward lunge w/twist
1 min Side Lunge w/reach
45 sec Right Side Plank w/dip
45 sec Left Side Plank w/dip
45 sec Knee to Opposite Elbow
1 min Prisoner Reverse Lunge w/knee to elbow (Left)
1 min Prisoner Reverse Lunge w/knee to elbow (Right)
45 sec Squrmies
45 sec Toe tap crunch
45 sec High Plank Jumps


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andrea c.
Thanks Alex!!!!
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Amanda H.
Loved this core focused workout. Thanks so much for the motivation.
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Malia M.
Loved the variety of exercises, and the dynamic warmup was great.
Becky K.
Wow those prisoner lunge twists were a balance challenge!