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duration 15 Min
calories 55 Calories
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Best Sleep Ever: Evening Yoga
Restorative Yoga w/ Peter Walters
It's been a long day, you've been sitting (or standing) for far too long, and you know how much getting your body stretched and moving a bit before you slide into bed will help for a restful, deep sleep. This is the perfect combination of a little effort mixed with a lot of ease. You'll finish your practice (and reawaken in the morning) feeling refreshed, open and ready to begin anew. Shall we begin!?


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Just follow along and enjoy!


Kim F.
very sweet. thanks
Dara K.
My 5 year old son loved it! Tucked him into bed right after savasana.
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That makes me so so happy :)
Dara K.
Loved this! Perfect alternative to evening meditation.
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aw good! did the pass out?