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duration 15 Min
calories 93 Calories
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Booty Blitz 2
Legs & Butt Strength w/ Garrett Wood
This is the second phase of Booty Blitz. In this Phase the builder exercise will be a new one! Phase 1 had lunges, today we have step-ups. We will also progress the glute bridge by changing the position. You will want a mini band, slingshot hip circle band or band with handles for lateral walks and a lifting bench to lean against.


  • Dumbbells

At a glance

1) Hip thrust from bench: shoulder blades must be hitting the bench, feet should be awkwardly close to your butt. Leaning back into the bench you lift hips into a modified glute bridge ("modified" because your shoulders are on the bench) 10-15 reps
1b) Marching glute bridge: on the flat gourd go into a bridge and lift each knee toward the sky one at a time without letting hips wiggle, hols each lift for 2 seconds. 6/side, 12 total marches

2) BUILDER: Step-ups. Onto a medium block (about bench height), put your right foot on the bench and step up tall. Hold one medium to heavy weight int he goblet position. 6-8/side
2b) lateral walks with the band 10-16 steps each direction

3) lateral ski hops 20 on, 20 off 3x


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Holly S.
Good. Was a little slow for me overall. I didn’t have a band so would have loved an alt for that. Would also love to see slightly longer strength classes