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duration 25 Min
calories 160 Calories
reviews 100% (14)
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Build It & Burn It: Classic FHIIT
Full Body Strength w/ Dane Robinson
Compounding strength movements and fast paced athletic cardio is how we rock this Classic FHIIT session to get you building muscle while burning calories for this sweat sesh!


  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 15-20 lbs, Men: 20+ lbs)

At a glance

1.) Dynamic Warm-Up

40s Work/15s Rest
2.) Series #1:
Sumo Squat, Curl, & Press
Lateral Hops
Reverse Lunge to Tricep Extension
Shuffle & Touches

3.) Series #2:
Renegade Rows + Plank Jacks
Pulse Lunges + Plyo Lunges
Slow Russian Twists
Ice Skaters

4.) "All Star" Bonus Round!


Elizabeth W.
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Whoop whoop! Thanks for moving and shaking with me. Let’s do it again sometime. Like tomorrow?? 🤔😁😄
La Keisha N.
Wish this was longer:)
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Thanks so much for moving with me! I'll definitely keep that in mind to expand to something a bit longer for our movers!
Linda M.
It’s so amazing to hear your voice Dane!!! I’m so excited that I get to work out with you again. This is awesome!! I’m dripping in sweat 💪🏻
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It's all comes full circle Linda! Your hard work creates connection, energy, and results!
Natalie G.
Awesome!! Literally dripping in sweat
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There’s a lot more where that came from 😉