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duration 40 Min
calories 585 Calories
reviews 96% (23)
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Build your Threshold Run
Endurance Run w/ Enrique Julia
This workout will provide you with 3 chances to focus on what is it to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Time spent on the intervals will be the same, but you will need to get your body to push faster and stronger each time, letting you get in touch with your threshold pace.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Warm Up: 6 mins
Endurance set 1: 8:00 mins @ 75-80% 2 mins easy recovery pace
Endurance set 2: 8:00 min @ 80-85% 2 minutes easy recovery pace
Endurance set 3: 8:00 min @85-90% 2 minutes easy recovery pace
Cool Down: 4 mins @ 70% pace.


voula m.
This was so great Great push into next level As a newbie I enjoyed the balance of instruction to wrk time Glad I found you!
Leah V.
I survived the pain cave! I like how Enrique focuses just as much on the mental endurance of a workout.
Glenda M.
That was fun!
Rachel T.
Good warm up and warm down before and after workout set. A couple improvements: At 1 min to go, Enrique says 2 minutes! Then corrects himself. It’s weird that he’ll say 8.2 out if 10 is 85-90% or 6 of 10 is 70%. Seems like the math should match ....8.2 of 10 is exactly 82%