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duration 20 Min
calories 99 Calories
reviews 95% (20)
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Buns, Guns & Guts
Full Body Strength w/ Amanda Chamberlin
Lovers of my Buns and Guns class -- this series is for you! Get ready to burn more calories in less time through 20 minutes of true tabata conditioning: 20 seconds on/10 seconds rest, repeating each circuit 8 times through. These quick four minute intervals will leave your abs, arms, and glutes feeling tightened and toned.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Round 1: 20 seconds on Tricep Dips, 10 seconds rest (8x thru)
Round 2: 20 seconds on Jack Knives, 10 seconds rest (8x thru)
Round 3: 20 seconds on Glute Pulse, 10 seconds rest (8x thru)


Kirsten B.
Quick but to the point