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Includes Video Cues

duration 30 Min
calories 181 Calories
reviews 97% (36)
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All Levels
Core Killer
Core Strength w/ Samantha Poccia
We're taking the burn to the next level in this Core Burnout Vol. 2. In just 30 minutes we target all abdominal muscles to get them on fire! Use your core to stabilize, twist, pinch, and scoop your way to a stronger center. Don't forget to breathe!


  • Dumbbells

At a glance

Jumping Jacks
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Quick Feet
Mountain Climbers
High Plank + Lunge Stretches
High Plank
Static Beast Hold + Cross Knee Drives
Plank to Pike
Leg Lift & Lower
Low Side Plank (R)
Low Side Plank (L)
Side to Side Snap Jump
Squat Jacks
Jump Squats
Side Lunges
Ice Skaters
Jackknife (R)
Jackknife (L)
Burpee without Pushup
Dumbbell Weighted Press
Dumbbell Truck Drivers
Elevated Tricep Dips
Glute Bridges
Dumbbell Chop (R)
Dumbbell Chop (L)
Low Plank Hip Dips
Straight Leg Ab Roll-up
V Sit


Jamie N.
This moves way too fast. Not only does one need more time to set up in correct form (and could also be told more cues on form), but the rest periods are too long, as are the burst activity periods. Not a terrible class, but won’t repeat it....
Tricia W.
Kicked my a$$!!!!!
Amy S.
Love it! I hate core but this was fun and motivating
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Amanda H.
Amazing! Your core workouts are awesome! I love the mix of movements.
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Oksana M.
Love these 30min core workouts!
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Oksana M.
Loved it. Keep the core workouts coming :)
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Amanda H.
Love this workout! Super sweaty.