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duration 40 Min
calories 240 Calories
reviews 96% (23)
All Levels
Core & Lower Body HIIT 3
Glutes & Abs Strength w/ Cassie Brown
Dedicate a solid 10 minutes of work to your core to strengthen & activate the powerhouse of your body, then jump into a series of athletic HIIT drills that challenge your coordination, speed, power & endurance to ramp up your metabolism & define those hard-working muscles.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Mat Work Core Warm-up [10 min]
HIIT Drills [20min]


Alexis S.
LOVED this class! Quick but tough and really enjoyed Cassie’s positive energy the whole way through.
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Amanda H.
Killer class! Love how you push me to keep going. 🙌
Eyasha P.
There’s way too much explaining! I like Naomi, Garrett, Stephanie where you get straight into the workout
Kirsten B.
So good. The burn was awful but oh so good. Don’t think I’ve sweat that much or wanted to quit so much. But you pushed me through. A little hard to hear you over the music at some points when you were doing a demo/step by step. Great!