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duration 30 Min
calories 178 Calories
reviews 80% (20)
All Levels
Core Right Core Tight: Core FHIIT
Core Strength w/ Dane Robinson
This session features a rotation of stabilizing, strengthening, and conditioning movements all for 60s at a time for your core that will leave you challenged and accomplished!


  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 8-15 lbs, Men: 10-20 lbs)
  • Medicine ball
    Medicine Ball

At a glance

1.) Dynamic Warm-Up

2.) Workout Series:

1min each

-45 degree Leg Hold
-Leg Kick High and Low
-Long Flutter Kicks
-Slow Mid Line Rotations
-Rainbow Raises
-Standing Crossbody Crunches
-Superman Hold
-Table Walks
-Floor Jacks or Mountain Climbers
2x Thru

3.) All Star Bonus Round:
“Pick Your Favorite” for 30s
Stabilize for 30
Strengthen for 30
Condition for 30


Erin L.
The second series movements with the dumbbell were confusing. Please elaborate
Kacey Z.
The explanations of each exercise were unclear
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Amanda H.
Great movements. I loved your motivation and quick explanations.
mike o.
I didn’t understand what the instructions were.
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Sorry Mike :( I’ll be mindful in adjusting my cues to create better understanding of my workouts next time. Hope you move with me again soon!
Becky K.
Great core workout! Has some bonus shoulder burn too, holding a dumbbell straight out in front of you for a while. I’d love video cues or more detailed audio instructions for the 2nd standing segment.
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I’m a man of the people. Hey Team MoveWith, let’s get the people some video cue action!
Amy N.
Dane is great - super positive and high energy. Some of these could use video cues though to make sure body position is on point
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Team MoveWith, the people need some video cuing. Let’s do it! Thanks for moving with me Amy!
Molly W.
loved it!
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And I’m sure your core loved you!
Molly W.
Not my fav, a little confusing! Could have used some videos cues.
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Sorry Molly :( I'll make sure in future workouts to keep it clear and directly so can crush that core of yours!
Linda M.
Another great workout!!
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Another great workout by an even greater person!