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duration 45 Min
calories 477 Calories
reviews 90% (10)
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Conquer the Peak
Hill Ride w/ Enrique Julia
First part in a climbing hill series designed to build your strength and endurance on hills. This will train you to ride outside like a cyclist and build stamina for those really long outdoor rides. This class has the most hills in the series.


  • Indoor bike 2x
    Stationary Bike

At a glance

Hill Repeat Class:
Warm Up
Small hill (Med resistance)
Small downhill (Easy resistance)
3 sets of Hills (Mod, Challenging, Hard) with appropriate recovery for each


Michele H.
I love this class! It feels like I just get started and then it’s done. Time evaporates! It’s awesome! Enrique has the perfect commentary to keep me focused and in the moment for the entire 43 minutes.