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duration 50 Min
calories 235 Calories
reviews 91% (11)
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Dancing With Your Demons
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Peter Guinosso
Backbending sequence that focuses on finding a way to move through the difficulties in our life on and off the mat.


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat
  • Blocks
    Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga blanket 2x
    Yoga Blanket

At a glance

Table tops abs sequence, sphinx, down dog, dolphin, sun salutations, twisting chair, Warrior 1 Backbends, Warrior 2 side body and hip openers, dancer, folds, pigeon on the back, spinal twist, savasana.


Katie W.
Wow! Love the truth in the guidance of the practice and how strong and open I felt after. Great class Peter!
Catherine P.
He talked too much while I was just standing there. I thought this was an advanced class so I had been expecting a more flow class.