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Day 6: Mindfulness
Happiness Meditation w/ Danni Pomplun
“Intersection” is a 10 Day Meditation Program, a journey of courage, mindfulness, and gratitude, all coming together. I created this program for those who have never meditated to those who have for many years. This intersection is here to help us build a better wellbeing for ourselves. Throughout my journey, the three things that kept me grounded are courage, mindfulness, and gratitude. The benefits of meditation like better sleep, less stress, and to deal with anxiety are all things I wanted more of in life so I decided to share this with you as well in the hope you'll feel the same. Ready? Find a comfortable seat, and let's get started…


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This is Day 6 of the 10 Day Meditation Program "Intersection".

Today we continue to focus on mindfulness. With the courage to know we can do this, we'll start to sit a bit longer with ourselves. Training our bodies and minds to sit in the present moment. Cultivating mindfulness is the key to overcoming suffering and recognizing natural wisdom. Each day we'll add just a little more time.


Jon K.
Thank you for a wonderful start to the holiday weekend.
Kelly D.
Best one yet
Meliza W.
Great and effective breathing exercise today!
Jessica F.
Love how each meditation is slightly different. Variety keeps it fresh, but not distracting.
Rob f.
I liked bringing the breath into each part of my body!!