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Day 7: Gratitude
Happiness Meditation w/ Danni Pomplun
“Intersection” is a 10 Day Meditation Program, a journey of courage, mindfulness, and gratitude, all coming together. I created this program for those who have never meditated to those who have for many years. This intersection is here to help us build a better wellbeing for ourselves. Throughout my journey, the three things that kept me grounded are courage, mindfulness, and gratitude. The benefits of meditation like better sleep, less stress, and to deal with anxiety are all things I wanted more of in life so I decided to share this with you as well in the hope you'll feel the same. Ready? Find a comfortable seat, and let's get started…


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This is Day 7 of the 10 Day Meditation Program "Intersection".

Today's focus is on gratitude. Gratitude gives us the key to abundance. People who practice gratitude regularly have lower blood pressure, better immunity, and a generally improved mood. Who doesn't want that? The purpose of the meditation is to cultivate an open and gentle feeling of thankfulness for all that is good in your life.


Janet H.
Appreciate the reminder to be grateful for everything including the mundane in our lives.
Jessica F.
Loved the “I am grateful” mantra - kept my present (and happy)