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Declutter Your Mental House
Self Care Life Talk w/ Alexandra Joy Smith
Ever wonder why you wake up in the middle of the night with your ‘to-do’ list burning front and center as a topic of internal dialogue?

Well, when you have made commitments and given your word to people including yourself, your brain locks in that information. When we don’t have a way of capturing all of the data and the ‘to-do’s’ we promise to ourselves and others, the brain is left trying to figure out how to get those things done. The brain is a seeking resolution, problem-solving machine!

In fact, our brain is an amazing hardware processor for all that we are and all that we do! It actually loves solving problems for us and part of solving problems is the act of delivering on and completing what we say we will do in our lives.

So when we have incompletions, or for this we refer to them as Open Loops, then the brain works over time burning energy to resolve those opens loops. This chips away at our ability to be present & mindful!

In this talk, you will have an opportunity to learn about a system where you can capture all that you say you will do in one place. This frees up the brain to both be more present, and to focus on the bigger challenges in your life - such as your next most inspired action step towards creating your magnificent life!

This process is also affectionately referred to as brain dumping system. Go ahead and dump away!


No equipment needed

At a glance

- Why the brain is our best problem solving friend
- The power of resolving open loops
- A powerful system to brain dump!


Quinn M.
Thank you! I use the words brain dump all the time! Love the idea of a spreadsheet, will start one.