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duration 20 Min
calories 137 Calories
reviews 100% (15)
All Levels
Deuces Wild
Full Body Strength w/ Alex Ho
This fast moving full body workout will get you sweating with a big smile on your face!


No equipment needed

At a glance

Dynamic Warm Up

30 sec Right leg lunge pulse
30 sec left leg lunge pulse
1 min in/out squat jumps

30 sec right side plank
30 sec left side plank
30 sec plank shoulder taps
30 sec low plank toe taps

30 sec hip thrust
30 sec hip marching
30 sec right hip thrust
30 sec left hip thrust

30 sec shoulder push-up
30 sec face down flys
30 sec push-up
30 sec crab dips

1 min dead bug press
30 sec windshield wipers
30 sec alternating leg drop/toe touch


Corrine B.
Great variety of moves. Truly a full body workout.
Ben P.
Too easy 😉
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I'll be sure to throw in some more challenging ones soon Ben :)