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Strength & HIIT

Drill Bits Upper Body

  • duration 26 minutes
  • level All Levels
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Taught By
Jeff McMullen
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At a glance

*6 rounds of 6 exercises: progressively stacked together in 30s intervals, each ending with 30s recovery
*1 superset of the 6 exercises stacked back and then forward again, separated by a 30s recovery.

6 Exercises:
Shoulder Press
Side Body Core
High Knee Run
Standing Twisting Core
Cardio Toe Taps

Equipment notes

Use several dumbbell sets if available. Yoga mat (optional)

Body focus
Arms & Shoulders and Core
Pop Electronic

About Class

Who's ready to go full throttle with an AMRAP session targeting upper body, CORE, and cardio? Torch calories, increase lean muscle maturity; upper body strength and tighten your midsection in this FIRED UP SERIES of the Body Brokers Signature Workouts. Let's get this party started!

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