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duration 50 Min
calories 713 Calories
reviews 91% (23)
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Inverted Tempo Ladder
Endurance Run w/ Enrique Julia
Run fast, recover faster. You want to challenge the body with your fast pace, but ten recovering with slightly lower pace to keep you in the tempo energy zone pushing your ability to withstand pain and fatigue.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Warm up 7 mins: Easy pace
Interval 1: 6:00 mins @ 75-80% with 3:00 min recovery @ 65-70% recovery
Interval 2: 8:00 mins @ 75-82% with 4:00 min recovery @ 70-75%
Interval 3: 10 mins @ 75-85% with 5:00 min recovery @ 70-65%
Cool Down: 5 mins easy pace.


Anna C.
Hard run! But feels great after!
Pei-Yee S.
More classes like this, please, that are building endurance over time and distance!