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duration 30 Min
calories 441 Calories
reviews 94% (16)
Endurance Push: Lure to Endure
Endurance Run w/ Enrique Julia
Get the body to accelerate, the heart rate to raise, and metabolic push to exceed as you will need it to get more out of this workout.


No equipment needed

At a glance

1- Warm Up: 5 minutes, easy pace.
2- Pace Builder, 8:00 minutes. Pick up the pace every 2:00 minutes. Get to go from easy to challenging.
3- 2:00 minute acceleration pace. Go at a pace that’s hard enough that you think you want to quit, but you won’t. I won’t let you.
4- Pace Builder 2, 8:00 minutes. Pick up the pace every 2:00 minutes. Make the conscious effort to push harder than the first time you built your pace.
5- 2:00 minutes. Easy pace. Use this to recover from the hard push.
6- Active Pace, 4:00 minutes (approx) Take your pace on a steady effort. Build your cardio with this instead of just any old cool down.


Anna C.
Good run! There’s no cooldown at the end so give yourself a little extra time after the workout.
Anna C.
Loved it!
Christina C.
Please improve the music!! Used to be on aaptiv and they had great music.