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duration 10 Min
calories 11 Calories
reviews 92% (12)
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Evening Meditation & Journaling
Sleep Meditation w/ Julie Aiello
This meditation is the perfect opportunity to take stock of the day and practice the honing of the thinking mind towards what you value through a physical, tangible connection.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Journal prompts include:
3 things that you are grateful for;
Someone you are grateful for;
Something you are proud of yourself for;
One thing you can do for yourself tomorrow to make your day better;
One thing you are in awe of;
And an opportunity for free writing


Sarah A.
This was great. I’d love more journaling incorporated into meditation. Thanks!
Rebecca C.
Thanks Julie! This is a great idea! I love thinking of something that I am in awe of outside of myself...I love this...another means of gratitude.
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Holly S.
That was awesome Julie. Would love more of these.