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duration 25 Min
calories 338 Calories
reviews 100% (37)
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Faster Run
Endurance Tread w/ Garrett Wood
We work on some speed up low hills, and then we go into working on pushing our run up a few notches :)


  • Treadmill

At a glance

3 minute warm up, recover
3 minute run 1,2,3 inclines (speed varies throughout the 3 minutes)
3 minute run 1,2,3 inclines (speed is faster than the time before)
1,0 incline for a 2 minute faster run
3 minutes of (30 jog, 30 add 4-5 points up, jog out of it)
recover 1 minute
30 sec stand alone max effort sprint
1 minute recover
2.5 minutes of run, add 2 points, jog, run, add 2.5-3.5 points
recover 30, add 4 points (30 sec sprint)
walk 30, jog 30
run 30, add 1 point to that for 30, SPRINT 30) to finish!


Sarah S.
Great hotel workout
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That is what I love about MoveWith! Easy for travel!
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Holly S.
Perfect indoor challenge as I escape smokey SF. ๐Ÿ’ช ๐Ÿ˜“
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Proud of you for getting something in despite the circumstances! also happy I can finally comment back! For a while my comments wouldn't post but now we are back! Hoping the air is more clear for you!
Valerie M.
Wow. Best yet. Really loved the entire music mix!!!!
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Thank you! If you like this, try the Long Haul series!! Also, I cannot take credit for the music but glad it was good!
Lindley G.
Awesome. Sometimes I donโ€™t know if rest means walk or jog. But i enjoyed it!
Bianca Y.
That was awesome! I beat my fastest run :) Thank you
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Awesome! Keep working at it and it will get even faster! xo
Arthur M.
Nice circuits Garrett!
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Thanks Arthur!! I am visualizing you casually sprinting at a 20.0 NDB. LOVE that you are still training with me from a distance!
Michelle L.
This was one of my favorite treadmill workouts. It definitely pushed my speed and I ran farther than I usually do in 22 min even with the walk breaks. Much needed after a long weekend of indulgence. Thank you!
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<3 love this! Thanks for the kind words!