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duration 25 Min
calories 118 Calories
reviews 95% (21)
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Feel Your Heart
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Mary Beth LaRue
We begin with this collective intention from Pema Chodron: Be fully present, feel your heart and engage with the next moment without any agenda. This 25 minute flow encourages us to slow down, invite in compassion and flow and to feel what needs to be felt. Open your shoulders and upper back to move from a heart centered space.


No equipment needed

At a glance

- Side Bending
- Surya Namaskar A with Cobra and Cat/Cow
- Humble Warrior
- Anahatasana
- Locust
- Bridge
- Supta Baddha Konasana


mania B.
Lovely morning heart opener I enjoyed doing at my local park
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Mags A.
Sound was turned up on phone and app, and o could barely hear parts of the instructions.
Laura B.
Thank you Mary Beth that was lovely.
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