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duration 45 Min
calories 212 Calories
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Finding Focus
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Peter Guinosso
Pick an area you want to focus on, and track that focus throughout the practice!


  • Mat
    Yoga Mat
  • Blocks
    Yoga Blocks
  • Strap
    Yoga Strap
  • Yoga blanket 2x
    Yoga Blanket

At a glance

Forward fold, seated side bends, elbow to knee, bridge, down dog, dolphin, child's pose, sun salutations, warrior 2 with eagle, reverse warrior, triangle, tree, standing fold, spinal twist, savasana.


Dan A.
Love the quotes. (And I don’t normally like that sort of thing). Also I hadn’t yoga’d in a while, and I feel great! Thanks!
Brendan H.
Always great classes. thanks, Peter!