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duration 15 Min
calories 106 Calories
reviews 95% (22)
All Levels
Firm Inner Thighs
Legs & Butt Strength w/ Tara Lyn Emerson
Want firm and toned legs? Strengthen your adductor muscles (inner thighs) without a machine and get a more complete workout! These exercises are for men and women alike.


  • Kettlebell 2x
    Kettlebells (Women: 20-30 lbs, Men: 30-40 lbs)
  • Dumbbells
    Dumbbells (Women: 15-20 lbs, Men: 20+ lbs)

At a glance

Weighted Sumo Squats with Isometric Hold- 90 seconds
Plyometric Sumo Squat Jump- 30 seconds
Peak-A-Boo Crunches- 60 seconds
Lateral Lunges (Right)- 60 seconds
Lateral Lunges (Left)- 60 seconds
x 2 sets


Laura B.
Good!!! I did this one outside! Thanks for the workout.
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Oksana M.
Loved the pee-ka-boo crunches!! Thank you Tara!!