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duration 25 Min
calories 92 Calories
reviews 96% (54)
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Full Body Flow
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Kilty Inafuku
This practice is intended to help bring awareness to how we transition from one pose to the next and, therefore, how we transition in life from one place to the next.


No equipment needed

At a glance

Slow movement from pose to pose
Half salutations
Lunge salutations
Surya Namaskar A salutations
Crescent Lunge
Warrior 2
Half Moon
Side Angle Pose


Marie I.
I am almost 7 weeks post hip replacement surgery so I’m stiff but wanted my first attempt at yoga w one of your easier classes. Im glad I did and lucky I picked this class that I could test but go slowly. Hope to see you in class in February. Until then I’ll keep trying different classes from this app. If you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks Kilty!
Marie I.
Perfect at home, have 30 minutes, need stretch and something to calm my mind down kind of session.
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Hsiao L.
Wonderful guidance and I’ve enjoyed this class very much!
Lauren G.
Loved her pace and cadence and the challenges she added in as she built on the poses
Alejandra C.
Another amazing class! Thank you Klity! Now if we can have one a week I would be so so happy 😀