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Includes Video Cues

duration 30 Min
calories 222 Calories
reviews 92% (13)
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Push Burn Push
Full Body Strength w/ Samantha Poccia
This class is all about getting your whole body moving and raising your heart rate. We'll start Round 1 with a focus on legs, then move to arms, and finish with a quick heart rate spike. Round 2 has the same format: legs, arms, and a heart rate spike. The workout ends with a 3 minute core burn.


  • Dumbbells

At a glance

Squat Jack + Jump Lunge
Lunge Pulse + Prisoner Squat
Pushup + Knee to Elbow
Dumbbell Truck Driver + Bicep Curl + Overhead Press
Burpee without Pushup
High Plank + Shoulder Taps
Single Leg Glute Bridge (R)
Single Leg Glute Bridge (L)
Wall Sit
Dumbbell Static Beast Renegade Row
Dumbbell Tricep Kickback
Tuck Jumps
Quick Feet
Low Plank
Low Side Plank (R)
Low Side Plank (L)


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Amanda H.
One of my faves! Great sweat!
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Amanda H.
Whew! What a burn. That static beast renegade row. 🔥🔥🔥
Tracy S.
Didn’t know the first exercise wasn’t explained to enable me.
Christine M.
Concise, clear explanations of workout except the prisoner squat variation. Kept it fluid and encouraging.
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Amanda H.
The first leg circuit was brutal...but, I loved it! Great motivation!