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duration 35 Min
calories 119 Calories
reviews 91% (23)
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Get Right to It! Full Body Flow
Vinyasa Yoga w/ Julie Aiello

Get right to it! Float through time and space with grounding standing poses, balancing poses, and core work. This is a solid Level 2 class.


No equipment needed

At a glance

A sweet balance of strength, stretching and fluid movement. Change your energy state in just 30 minutes.

Sun Salutation A
Utkatasana, Chair Pose
Ardha Chandrasana
Viribhidrasana 1
Pavritta Trikonasa, Twisting Triangle
Navasana, boat pose.
Side Plank
Wild Thing


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andrea c.
Probably not Julie’s fault - i did a search for stretching. I wanted Pilates, but there is none. I agree the music is too loud. I could not navigate all of the Vin-yasida’s and bibbidi-bobbidi-boo-asida’s and ended up catching up on the plank which seemed to be all I understood. I guess I should have known better, but I was hoping it would be like a nice stretch / Pilates style class w English names and moves I know. I just came to the wrong place today. Mainly for lack of anything else in the stretching category. Thanks Julie. I’m sure if I was familiar w yoga I would think you’re great. But I’m not and I don’t really want to be.
Jamie M.
Great class!
Heather K.
Loved the balancing poses. Just what I needed today.
Stephanie W.
So perfect. Been dealing with a lot mentally so this was the perfect flow to just let go and breathe. Thank you.
Amy N.
This was overall a great flow and I like Julie’s style, but the music track was way too loud relative to her voice. I also got totally lost at 23:30 until we came down on the seat, even after going back and relistening.